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COVID-19 Terms of visit

By purchasing wristbands (whether online, in-park or other) the visitor certifies that they are aware of and accept the following Terms & Conditions regarding COVID-19.

1. The visitor accepts responsibility of the COVID related risks whilst visiting the attraction.
2. The visitor agrees that they are not vulnerable nor do they have any underlying health issues.
3. The visitor agrees that they, nor anyone in their party are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
4. The visitor understands and accepts that the attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to any person showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
5. The visitor understands that there is a reduced capacity in the park which may result in longer queues than usual.
6. The visitor understands that there are reduced entrances and exits and they may be required to queue to enter the park.
7. The visitor understands that if they leave the premises and wish to return, they may be required to queue to be re-admitted.
8. The visitor agrees that their hygiene and sanitisation is their own responsibility.
9. The visitor agrees to follow all government social distancing guidelines at all times.

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