Safari School

'Safari School' is a week-long course for young people aged 13-17 years, and is ideally suited for those who are interested in a possible career working with animals. Safari School does not involve direct contact with the animals, but does give a broad overview of zoo-related work including animal husbandary, enclosure design, enrichment, behavioural studies, training and nutrition.

This is a non-residential course which runs from Monday to Friday, starting at 9:30am each day and finishing at 4:00pm Monday to Thursday, and at 2:30pm on the Friday. Lunch is included in the price and students will also receive a portfolio of work, a t-shirt and a certificate. The price also includes two free tickets for family members to attend the safari park for the graduation, which takes place on the final day at 1:30pm.

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Safari School 6-10th July 2020
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Safari School 13-17th July 2020
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Safari School 20-24th July 2020
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Safari School 3-7th August 2020
£300.00 £0.00
Safari School 12-16th October 2020
£300.00 £0.00
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  • This course includes a mixture of practical and theoretical learning and has been designed to suit all learning abilities. If you would like to discuss the course content please email