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Brooklands Heroes Collection Enamel Pin Badge

Brooklands Heroes Collection Enamel Pin Badge


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Buy all three badges from the original Brooklands Heroes Collection for £11.00 (save 7%) The Wellington bomber was designed at Brooklands by Rex Pierson using the geodetic construction principles developed by Barnes Wallis. The prototype first flew at Brooklands in 1936, and over 2,500 of these were produced at Brooklands. Its flexible design made it the only multi-engined aircraft to see service throughout World War Two. Built by Freddie Dixon and the Brough Superior Works in 1927, the Brough Superior Works Scrapper achieved the 'World's Fastest' title in 1929 for the first bike with a sidecar to lap Brooklands at over 100 mph. Commissioned by the Brooklands driver John Cobb, and designed by Reid Railton, the Napier-Railton was built by Thomson and Taylor at their engineering works within the Brooklands Track. The car was completed in 1933 and first appeared in a race at Brooklands in August of that year.

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