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Flora Fleece Seed Bundle. Seed Bundle = 1 roll of fleece, 1 pot of sand, 1 pack of seeds of choice for £15 Purchase a metre long roll of the Flora Fleece and pot of sand and then click on a packet of seeds of your choice, for the price of £15. The Flora Fleece, this is a recycled fabric composed of 50% Jute (vegetable fibre), 25% cotton, 25% brown wool with a hessian scrim. The matting is made of natural fibres, which will break down through the growing season 5-8 months. Once you decide the size of area you would like to sow lay your mat out and cover with 1-2 inches of multi -purpose compost. Then mix the seeds and the sand toegther to get an even spread. Keep moist but not wet. You should start to see your beautiful meadlow flowers after 50-60 days. Full details on how to use will be sent with orders or please contact and we will send the information sheet to you. If you require a larger amount of the fleece only please contact us and we will quote. UK Sale Only.