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Experience Gift Vouchers

Animal Experience Gift Vouchers

Our animal experiences offer the chance to get up close and personal with some of our exotic residents, making them the perfect gift for any animal lover!
Not sure which experience to go for? Check out our animal experiences page for more information here.
Your gift vouchers will be posted to you via 1st class post in a beautiful presentation wallet.
Your order will be posted to the address that you enter at checkout. If you would like for your order to be posted to a different address, please email us on bookingsteam@bristolzoo.org.uk

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We are a registered conservation and education charity and we help protect endangered animals in the UK and around the world.

Please consider adding a small donation to your order as this allows us to claim Gift Aid.

It means we receive an extra 25p for every pound you spend, at no extra cost to you and it makes a huge difference for us and our animals.

ItemPrice without donationQuantityTotal
Junior Keeper Experience for One
£125.00 £0.00
Junior Keeper Experience for Two Voucher
£240.00 £0.00
Keeper for the Day Experience for One Voucher
£150.00 £0.00
Keeper for the Day Experience for Two Voucher
£250.00 £0.00
Cheetah Experience for One Voucher
£69.00 £0.00
Cheetah Experience for Two Voucher
£99.00 £0.00
Gelada Experience for One Voucher
£50.00 £0.00
Gelada Experience for Two Voucher
£80.00 £0.00
Giraffe Experience for One Voucher
£75.00 £0.00
Giraffe Experience for Two Voucher
£105.00 £0.00
Lemur Experience for One Voucher
£50.00 £0.00
Lemur Experience for Two Voucher
£72.00 £0.00
Meerkat Experience for One Voucher
£50.00 £0.00
Meerkat Experience for Two Voucher
£72.00 £0.00
Okapi Experience for One Voucher
£69.00 £0.00
Okapi Experience for Two Voucher
£99.00 £0.00
Total:   £0.00

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