Hay and Bedding Order Page
Please find below the list of approved Hay and Bedding products available for you to order.

Orders made by 9am on Tuesday morning will be ordered from the wholesalers on the same day and subject to stock will be available for you to collect from a member of staff in the Yard later that week. Please select the date you would like to collect your order from us on the calender below. Weekly Collection times available on Thursday between 4pm and 6pm.

All orders placed after our weekly deadline of 9am on Tuesday will not be ordered from the wholesaler until the following week.

Once you have completed your order online you will be sent an email confirming the details of your purchase. If the wholesaler fails to deliver any of the products you have ordered we will add it to your order for the following week. If that product is discontinued and they are no longer able to supply us with it we will give you a full refund.

If you have any queries regarding this please speak to Mitchell on 01268 904109 or email and quote your order number.

When making payment please ensure you enter the correct postcode and address that your card is registered to. If you enter the incorrect information your payment will fail and your booking will not be completed. In some cases your online bank statement will show the transaction as pending but payment will not be taken from your account.
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Hay Bale (Standard Size)
£5.00 £0.00
Bedsoft Bio Pink
£9.80 £0.00
Paper Bedding
£9.60 £0.00
Hunters Bedding
£13.00 £0.00
£11.95 £0.00
Putting away Hay and Bedding, per bale
£1.00 £0.00
Blue Frog
£12.00 £0.00
Wood Pellets
£9.50 £0.00
Small Flake
£9.50 £0.00
£11.95 £0.00
Total:   £0.00