Livery Services
Mitchell and the team are pleased to offer Full Livery Services to horses stabled at Barleylands. This can be offered on a Full Time basis for an agreed set monthly fee or we can provide the following services on a ad-hoc basis.

Prices for the various services we offer are listed below on a per horse basis. To book us in please select the date on the calender you need us to cover and select the quantity of services you require. Please book at least 48 hours in advance.

When making payment please ensure you enter the correct postcode and address that your card is registered to. If you enter the incorrect information your payment will fail and your booking will not be completed. In some cases your online bank statement will show the transaction as pending but payment will not be taken from your account.
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Turn Out
£2.50 £0.00
Bring In
£2.50 £0.00
Feed and Hay
£2.00 £0.00
Changing/Removing Rugs
£2.00 £0.00
Holding for the Farrier, Vet or Dentist etc
£8.00 £0.00
Tie up for Vet/ Farrier and Clean up
£2.50 £0.00
Picking Out Feet
£1.00 £0.00
Putting/ Removing Boots, Fly Masks
£1.00 £0.00
£3.00 £0.00
Skip Out
£5.00 £0.00
Muck Out
£7.00 £0.00
Part Livery Weekdays
£10.00 £0.00
Full Livery Weekdays
£12.00 £0.00
Total:   £0.00