You have the option of paying for your annual pass in one lump sum or paying monthly by Direct Debit.


What is Gift Aid?

Are you a UK taxpayer? If so, every £1 you give could be worth £1.25 to us, helping to fund our vital work at no extra cost to you. All it takes is a tick!

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Joint Child Membership
£55.00 £0.00
Joint Adult Membership
£79.00 £0.00
Joint Senior Membership
£65.00 £0.00
Joint Student Membership
£65.00 £0.00
NZ Adult Membership
£51.00 £0.00
NZ Child Membership
£35.50 £0.00
NZ Senior Membership
£42.00 £0.00
NZ Student Membership
£42.00 £0.00
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